Glow In The Dark Luminous Butterfly Rose Nail Stickers – for just ₦ 800
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Glow In The Dark Luminous Butterfly Rose Nail Stickers – for just ₦ 800

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Make sure your nails are clean and dry, before applying stickers. This goes for polished and bare nails as well as gel or shellac. If your nail polish is not completely dry, the sticker may not attach properly or lift wet polish up from the nail. For gel/shellac, make sure you cure your last layer of gel before applying stickers.

1. Use tweezers to lift your chosen nail stickers from their backing sheet. Do not touch the sticky side of the sticker with your fingers, that may reduce the adhesiveness.

2. Place nail stickers very gently on the nail – when you are 100% happy with their position, only then press it down with a silicone tool.

3. Smooth the sticker from the centre to the edges, when applying it over a nail. This will get rid of any air bubbles trapped under the sticker that may cause slight bubbling in the top coat. Use a silicone tool to do it, it’s much more gentle on a sticker than an orange stick (an orange stick may scratch stickers) and its soft surface ensures the sticker adheres to nails 100% without any wrinkles or air bubbles.

4. Smooth long thin stickers, from the bottom to the top or from left to right to get rid of any air bubbles trapped under the sticker.

5. Trim the edges of the sticker (once applied over a nail) to make sure it fits perfectly and follows your nail shape (free edge) or nail bed. If you’re applying the sticker right at the edge of the nail or at the nail bed, like for instance, the design featured above, place your sticker so it’s going over the free edge/polish and then trim the excess with cuticle nippers to ensure the sticker follows your nail shape or nail bed precisely.

6. Apply 2 coats of a top coat (or gel/shellac top coat) over the entire nail and the stickers to seal and protect stickers. This will also make your manicure last longer and smooth out the edges of the stickers. 

7. Paint your nails with a base or clear nail polish before applying the stickers, if you’re doing a negative space design or applying stickers over bare nails. Because your nails produce their own natural oils, nail stickers won’t adhere well unless nails are polished.


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  • Branded Nails Stickers
  • Cute beautiful designs

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