Get the Perfect Footwear for all Occasions
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Get the Perfect Footwear for all Occasions


Have you ever had to cancel wearing an outfit because you could not find footwear that compliments it? A very disappointing feeling. Or do the footwear you buy keep getting spoilt quickly? Yes, I know it can be frustrating. 

What if I told you all hope is not lost? All those disappointments can be stopped with just an order. 

Get those clothes out of your wardrobes and stop worrying about finding the proper footwear. Strides and ripples is here to save your day! this enterprise deals with the sales of beautifully crafted footwear made with top-quality materials.

 The products are designed in different styles and with stunning materials to suit your classy taste. They are also durable and very affordable. 

You can get your fashionable shoes for prices ranging from 24,000 Naira, Boots from 26,000 Naira, and Sandals or slippers from 7,000 Naira

Place your orders now and level up your shoe game. 

Delivery is nationwide.

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