A new option to monitor your car is the Ring Car Cam, which is currently available for presale
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A new option to monitor your car is the Ring Car Cam, which is currently available for presale

Introducing Ring Car Cam – Dashcam with dual-facing HD cameras, Live View, Two-Way Talk, and motion detection

With the $250 Ring Automobile Cam, Ring is making it simple to watch over your car no matter where you are. Ring currently has a wide range of products to assist you to keep an eye on your home.

Even when your car is parked and off, the Ring Car Cam draws power from the ODB-II connector on your vehicle. An LTE connection also enables activity alerts, live streaming video, and uploading of recorded movies.

The Ring Car Cam is mounted to an arm that rises up from your dash, in contrast to the majority of dash cams that mount to your windshield. The arm’s base is inserted between your windshield and the dash.

The inside camera has a privacy cover that physically prevents it from recording anything inside your car and a blue ring light on top that lets you know when it is filming.

Ring Car Cam front view

Ring Car Cam includes a front- and rear-facing camera to record what is happening outside and inside your vehicle, while you are driving and while it is parked. When you park, the camera will keep an eye out for movements and begin recording when something happens, like a break-in. As with the company’s home security cameras, you’ll then get notifications through the Ring app.

Voice instructions can activate the Ring Car Cam. More specifically, by saying “Alexa, record,” the Car Cam will start recording both inside and outside the vehicle. This function could be useful if you are in an accident and want to record all that happens right away.

Ring also revealed a Ring Protect program to cover the Ring Car Cam’s LTE connectivity. Ring Protect Go costs $6 monthly or $60 annually. If you choose to use Ring Car Cam without a Protect Go membership, you will be without Live View, two-way audio, and real-time alerts when your car is not connected to your home Wi-Fi network. Clips will be saved on the camera and uploaded to Ring when the device is Wi-Fi connected without the Protect Go plan.

During a brief pre-order sale in February, Ring Car Cam will be offered for $200. The cost will then go back to $250 as usual. Stay tuned for more information as we compare it to other dash cams we’ve examined.

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