A Breakthrough Smart Electric Toothbrush Will Wow You
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A Breakthrough Smart Electric Toothbrush Will Wow You

This smart electric toothbrush will change your whole experience of brushing every day.

Oclean X Pro Elite Smart Electric Toothbrush

Oclean X Pro Elite – Enlighten Your Smile

Smart Touchscreen, Quiet Brushing, Superior Cleaning

Elite Smart Touchscreen

With the Oclean X Pro Elite, we hope to enlighten the user with a technologically advanced brushing experience.

Set features fluidly with the intuitive smart touchscreen.

A Breakthrough Ultra Quiet Brushing Experience

Enjoy a soothing brushing feeling with award-winning noise reduction technology.

Maglev 2.0 Cleaning Technology Offers 20x Standard Cleaning Power

*Stable wide swing effectively expands cleaning range and improves cleaning efficiency. 

DuPont™ Diamond Bristles – Clears Smoking & Tea Stains

Self-adjusting brush strokes for a more gentle clean.

Intelligent AI Frequency Reduction automatically reduces frequency when ever-brushing is detected, eliminating damage, bleeding and discomfort.

Dentist Recommends

“The Oclean X Pro Elite is a powered toothbrush that offers a variety of cleaning modes, ones which can pair with mobile devices to enable custom cleaning and provide brushing performance feedback. 

This powered toothbrush is especially useful because the OLED screen on the unit allows precise control of the features and provides feedback on the brushing experience.” 

Wireless Quick Charge 

35 Days Battery Life*

Compatible with multiple wireless quick chargers

Wall-mounted Holder 

Keep the toothbrush dry as to prevent the growth of bacteria.

 IPX7 Waterproof

Resistant to washing and soaking in water.

App-driven brushing analysis for whiter teeth.

Ultimate Gray 

A Resilient Classic

The shade is derived from the color of rocks from nature, ones which have stood the test of time. 

Their colors and naturally weathered appearance represent peace, stability and resilience. 

Good Design Award Recognition 

Designed with Sophistication and Care

Good Design Award is one of the four major design awards in the world, along with Germany’s Red Dot, iF and IDEA. 


  • Smart Screen – Brushing Result Instant Display
  • Ultra-Quiet Technology (<45dB)
  • 84,000 Movements/min Maglev Motor
  • 4 Modes and 32 Intensities for Clean Mode
  • Brushing Plan Customization & APP
  • Dupont Diamond & W Shape Bristles
  • Up to 35 Days Battery Life
  • IPX7 Waterproof

Oclean X Pro Elite

Oclean Flow Sonic Electric Toothbrush

  • Up to 180 Days Super Long Battery Life
  • 5 Brushing Modes
  • 76,000 Movements/min Maglev Motor
  • Dupont Diamond & W Shape Bristles
  • IPX7 Waterproof
  • 2 Minutes Timer & 30 Seconds Reminder

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